Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Speech disorders in children: What parents need to know


Speech disorders in children are some of the most worrisome issues parents have to deal with. As a service to all mothers and fathers out there who are doing their best to raise their kids, Joseph Cianciotto shares what he knows on the topic.

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As mentioned earlier, many parents worry about their children not talking upon reaching a certain age. The fact is that babies should start talking at about six months. That's the time parents should observe a child's progress. There may be cause for concern when this doesn't happen, and Joseph Cianciotto recommends that parents see a specialist to rule out any of these speech disorders.

Speech apraxia is one of these speech disorders. It happens when the connection between a child's speech function and his brain experiences issues. While the child may know what to say, coordinating with the muscles needed for talking may prove incredibly difficult.

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Stuttering or stammering is one of the more common speech disorders, which happens when a toddler says certain syllables repeatedly, making the formation of simple phrases a frustrating experience. Joseph Cianciotto explains that approximately 3 million people struggle with some form of stuttering or stammering. The good news is that around 75% of children who stammer eventually grow out of it.

Dysarthria is another speech disorder that is characterized by slurred speech. This is a result of damage to a nerve or muscle responsible for speech. Dysarthria can also be identified through changes in speech cadence, limited tongue, jaw, and lip movement, and sudden changes in the timber of one's voice, Joseph Cianciotto adds.

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