Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Fun, Memorable Father-Daughter Bonding Ideas

It is a precious thing to have a daughter because you, as a father, will be the first man in her life. Time flies very fast, so try to spend your free time to bond with her as much as you can while she still lives in your home. Here are more ideas you can do with your princess for quality time.

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Have frequent dates with her. This is probably the easiest activity because you can do this at the most random times: pancakes at a breakfast café right before dropping her off at school, weekend trips to the ice cream parlor, or a picnic when you have a whole afternoon free.

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Go camping. Camping provides a lot of opportunities for bonding. You can teach her how to set up a tent, traverse rocky mountains, talk about nature, take photos, tell stories over a bonfire, and teach her how to live a life unplugged from digital devices.

Cook, shop for groceries, do chores together. These activities are great learning opportunities for your daughter, making sure that her future husband would not allow all the domestic tasks to be handled by women only. It is also a chance to introduce responsibilities to your child gradually.

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Monday, December 12, 2016

Neil Gaiman Novels: A Dark Magical Ride for Children’s Imagination

Stories with dark, scary undertones overcast with mysticism and allure and with young protagonists that display bravery and vulnerability—a theme that has distinguished Neil Gaiman in his craft. Famous for his children's books that adults also delight in, Gaiman through his protagonists teaches children how to prevail victoriously in the face of something scary. In introducing Gaiman's books to kids, two literary pieces stand out:

The Graveyard Book was awarded a Newberry Medal in 2009 for the most distinguished contribution to children's literature. The story revolves around a boy named Nobody Owens who lives in a graveyard and was raised by ghosts. While the book starts with a grim story and a plot that treads on sinister unfinished business, “The Graveyard Book” is an adventurous, fantasy-filled story with just the right amount spook to thrill middle-school readers.

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Coraline teaches the value of appreciating what one has. Coraline is a young girl who is faced with an alternative, seemingly perfect world, with her "other" parents who are just like her real ones, only with button eyes. She later discovers that the other world is not as it seems, and the story becomes a quest to fight the evil that lies within.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How Ping Pong Serves As a Good Bonding Activity For The Family

Creating an outlet for children to disconnect from today’s mobile devices, the web, and video games can be a challenging task for parents.  However difficult it may be, it is necessary as too much of such activities can impact a kid’s life negatively.

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One of the best alternatives is table tennis, or ping pong, as it is fondly called.  Over 20 million Americans play the sport, and most of them play in garages, yards, or basements.

Ping pong is a game that does not require too much athleticism, making it a perfect activity for families to bond.  Regardless of age, gender, and physical abilities, anyone can learn the sport in no time. In addition to this, purchasing the required equipment and gear is inexpensive and do not take up unreasonable storage space compared to other games.

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As family members play together, the children’s communication and social skills are enhanced.  They become more sociable because not only can they play with the family, but with their friends as well.
Another advantage of ping pong is that it fosters physical and mental development.  Children in their formative years and parents, who are probably experiencing the effect of aging, can both benefit from regularly playing table tennis.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

When Dad Is Away: The Challenges Of Long Distance Fatherhood

Working away from home can be tricky. It provides financial rewards for families, but it can also cause challenges in intimacy and communication.

This is the reality: not all fathers are fortunate to spend a lot of time with their children. They get to travel a lot for work and get paid a lot for it, but it is at the expense of their relationship with their children. Distance can be substantial enough to cause distant family relationships as well. Children can have an unstable household, and parents will have to adjust caregiving roles. Here are some challenges fathers face when they work away from home.

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Children’s interest

Having an absentee parent can be a traumatic experience for a child. They could develop anxiety and insecurity issues. The child’s academic success and mental health could also be at risk because they were not able to form good relationships with the people who should’ve been there for them from the start.

Unstable marital relationship 

When a parent (or a spouse) is often out to work, the marriage could bear the brunt of the distance. The home-based parent will have to deal with a lot of responsibilities around the house, and it can cause resentment over time.

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Household security

Security will be a concern, especially when the “protector” is not in the house. When the mother has to work too, the children’s safety will inevitably be in the hands of babysitters or relatives. Parents will not be around for medical emergencies, turning points, and needy moments of their children.

The challenges of working away from home are many, so parents should help kids understand the situation. Parents should always make time to communicate with their children—be it through Skype, Facebook, e-mail, or text messaging. Just because a job requires a parent to be away, they don’t have to be an absentee parent.

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