Thursday, May 20, 2021

Understand your rebellious teenage child more with these helpful reminders


As he is quite fond of giving advice on fatherhood, Joseph Cianciotto is also a source of wisdom on handling conflicts within the family. One of the more common problems that families go through is teenage rebellion. This blog shares some reminders that are helpful in dealing with this matter.

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Accept that anger doesn’t work all the time.

When your teenage child does something that doesn’t sit quite well with you, it may be natural for you to react with anger. However, you must know that teenagers inevitably reach a point when they try to challenge your rules, which is something even you probably went through during your own time, shares Joseph Cianciotto. For this reason, you also need to understand that anger does not always work on your rebellious teenager.

Treat your child like an adult.

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Teenage rebellion always comes at a time when a person is transitioning from being a child to being an adult. When your child acts up and some sort of conflict arises in your relationship, you might benefit by treating him or her as an adult. By doing this, you are honoring your own child’s independence and ability to think freely and make decisions. Also, you teach him or her to be more accountable as an adult by giving adult treatment.

Practice forgiveness.

Teenage rebellion is a stage in the life your child as much as it is a stage in your life as a father. Remember that after everything that happens, even when you both break each other’s hearts, you need to find ways to heal the relationship. It’s very important that you practice forgiveness.

Joseph Cianciotto obtained his degree in Visual Communications from Carnegie Mellon University. He has most recently served as executive creative director at Translation. For more information, visit this page.

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