Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Summertime: Three possible family adventures


With summer now here, Joseph Cianciotto is more than just excited. At the same time last year, he and his family stayed at home because of the global health crisis. And while they had many memorable events staying indoors, they truly missed going out on their usual summer adventures.

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On that note, Joseph Cianciotto shares three things families can do this summer.


The beauty of swimming is that it’s an activity that can be done almost anywhere; an inflatable pool in the backyard, the nearest clubhouse pool, a nearby lake, or the beach. Joseph Cianciotto has taken his kids out to swim on several occasions, and they’ve loved every minute of it. Summer is the perfect time to go swimming, and people should take advantage of it.

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One of the great things about living in the U.S. is that there are great family-friendly campsites in almost every county. Joseph Cianciotto has advocated camping on more than one occasion through his blogs, and for a good reason. In some of his blogs, he talks about the many benefits families can get from outdoors.

Going on a road trip

Families going on well-planned summer road trips can have more than a couple of unforgettable experiences. This is because there are so many wonderful places to visit. Joseph Cianciotto suggests that every family member suggests a place on their route to visit, so everyone wins.

Joseph Cianciotto is a digital media native and family man from Long Island, NY. For more fun activities with the family, visit this page.

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