Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Teaching children how to treat stray animals

As a family man, Joseph Cianciotto has always emphasized the importance of teaching children the right thing and training them to make a habit of it. One of the most important lessons parents can impart to their children is how to take care of nature. From cleaning up after themselves to conserving water and energy, children need to know that they, too, are responsible for the future of the planet.

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And part of children’s responsibility to nature is how they treat animals, and not just domesticated ones, but also wild animals and strays. Children have to learn to coexist with every living thing, especially animals, peacefully.

The first thing children must always remember, Joseph Cianciotto notes, is to handle animals with care – to safeguard not only the animals but themselves as well. Being careful means being safe always. Stray animals may have bacteria or viruses that could end up being dangerous to children, which is why safety should always be practiced.

Now, if children find stray animals near even inside their home, they should first bring it to the attention of their parents or any adult, who, in turn, should call animal control.

If a squirrel or rat is found in the home, children should keep exit points open as well, so these animals may leave in peace. Parents should also teach children how to lead animals to these exit points using a trail of food.

Children should also know that it’s mostly okay to feed animals they see in parks – as long as they practice safety at all times, Joseph Cianciotto adds.

Joseph Cianciotto is a digital media native and family man from Long Island, New York. For more articles like this, visit this blog.

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