Thursday, March 19, 2020

Parental requirement: Getting the finances straight for the children’s future

It’s Joseph Cianciotto’s firm belief that two of the main responsibilities of parents are to guide their children and prepare them for the life ahead. To achieve this, parents have to consider a swath of factors, including finances. This is why Joseph urges parents everywhere to get their finances straight for their children’s future.

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While it’s never Joseph’s habit of pointing fingers, he’s noticed that a lot of adults today are struggling because their parents never really took the time to be aware of their financial situation. According to most, if not all financial advisors, financial awareness is key to a stable future.

Spending for children is both okay and inevitable. There will be countless occasions in the life of children before they become adults wherein parents will have to shell out money. And that’s fine as long as it’s within reason and, more importantly, within the budget.

Take, for example, birthday parties. Truth be told, birthday parties are really for the people celebrating their birthdays. It’s easy to make children excited and happy. An intimate party with the immediate family and grandparents, a trip to the nearest mini-golf or go-kart park, and a few gifts will more than make for an unforgettable birthday.

While there are other ways parents can get their finances straight, Joseph Cianciotto recommends that parents schedule an appointment with a financial consultant or advisor.

Joseph Cianciotto works as an executive creative director and lives in Long Island, NY with his wife and two daughters. Read more about this family-oriented man by visiting this website.

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