Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The overlooked significance of sleep for children

Joseph Cianciotto finds it disturbing how so many parents have no idea about the sleeping habits of their children. It seems that very few households know how vital a good night’s sleep is for a person. Lack of sleep has been associated with many health issues, both physically and mentally, and recently, it has been discovered to contribute hugely to the development of behavioral problems such as depression in children.

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In a study that involved children below 12 years of age, it was shown that those who complain about not having enough sleep went on to develop symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, and other disorders as they grew older.

An overwhelming amount of researchers, doctors, scientists, and mental health professionals have come to believe that a good night’s rest is key in keeping the mental and emotional well-being of a child stable. It is also this mental and emotional well-being that becomes a crucial foundation in the child’s development later.

It was found that children who experience sleep problems exhibit early signs of mental disorders. They become irritable, lethargic, and even combative. And what’s more is that while developing these disorders, children find it difficult to sleep as well, which only worsens the condition even more.

Joseph Cianciotto suggests that parents need to be observant of their child’s sleeping habits. If they notice something wrong, they should act on it as soon as possible.

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