Friday, August 16, 2019

How children can benefit from learning martial arts

Joseph Cianciotto believes that some activities in which children engage at an early age are far more beneficial to them than others. One of these activities is martial arts. Most martial arts provide life lessons that mold children and prepare them for life ahead.

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The first lesson children learn from martial arts is discipline. They learn how to act and move within their teacher’s instructions. Instilling discipline at such an early age may not be all that fun, but it lets children know that there are some things they should do and some things they shouldn’t. Knowledge of these boundaries are extremely important and reinforce the values children learn from their parents.

Another important lesson that children can learn from martial arts is patience. In most martial arts, learners won’t be able to do advanced movements without learning the foundations first. Children are inherently impatient creatures and may be resistant to such structures. However, through constant training, they will learn that many things in life can be attained if they are patient enough to learn the ropes.

Martial arts also instill both confidence in one’s self and respect for others. As children advance in their martial art, they begin to believe in themselves and their capabilities to not only defend themselves but others as well. They also start to gain a sense of respect for others and their opponents, which is a key aspect in their journey toward adulthood, explains Joseph Cianciotto.

Joseph Cianciotto currently resides in Long Island, NY with his wife Jen and two daughters. Visit this blog for more articles about family and parenthood.

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