Thursday, July 18, 2019

Curbing technology: A key value for families everywhere

In his line of work, Joseph Cianciotto deals with a great amount of technology, which he uses to help businesses grow and develop. He believes that no other aspect in the world has advanced civilization quite like technology. However, the role of technology inside a family home is very different, explains Joseph Cianciotto. Today, far too many households have become slaves to technology, with smartphones, tablets, personal computers, and other gadgets ruling everybody’s lives. It’s very common to see entire families with their heads buried in their electronic devices, no longer communicating with each other.

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And Joseph Cianciotto believes this has to change.

First of all, parents who set rules and specific schedules on gadget usage should adhere to these rules and specific schedules themselves. After all, their children won’t have anyone else to follow but them.

Joseph Cianciotto also notes that now is the time to bring back good old-fashioned family fun. They can play board games, engage in more physical activities in the yard, or even pick up a new hobby like sports – all of which, can be done together.

The value of family bonding should never be replaced by technology, Joseph Cianciotto states, especially for children since what they learn at home will be the foundation of everyone’s future.

Joseph Cianciotto is a digital media native with creative chops complemented by a strong business acumen. He currently resides in Long Island, New York with his family. For similar reads, click this link.

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