Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Family bonding series: Fishing with the kids

Spending time in nature with the kids is always a great idea.  Not only do they have fun and learn a lot, but they also get to spend time away from technology and urban centers like New York City. 

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One of the most worthwhile activities children can do with their parents is fishing, and not just play-fishing, but real fishing.  There are a few essential points parents should remember when fishing with their kids.

While parents may be tempted to get toy rods for the kids, they are nowhere near durable for actual fishing.  There are, however, cane and light spinning rods available that kids will be able to use.  Go easy on the lines as well.  Four pounds of monofilament is as good a start as any, as well as small hooks.
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Before taking their children fishing for the first time, parents should teach the kids the basic principles at home.  Let them practice holding the rod, and simulate casting and pulling movements. Educating them on location may frustrate them and rob them of the fun of it all.

As for bait, crickets and worms work best with the kids.  Bobbers, on the other hand, add to the excitement of the experience.  In fact, there are bobbers in fishing stores that have cartoon characters on them. 

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