Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A walk in the park: What families can do in Central Park

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Central Park is known as a haven for New York natives and visitors alike. It provides a refreshing change of scenery from the concrete jungle of Manhattan, and does not even require long-distance travel. The urban park covers a total of 843 acres, providing plenty of activities for families to delight in. A few examples of what families can do in Central Park are the following:

Visit the Central Park Zoo: Approximately 200 different species of animals are well taken care of in the Central Park Zoo. The children’s zoo inside also has exhibits that children of all ages would certainly find memorable.

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Take a ride on the Friedsam Memorial Carousel: Ever since it was built in 1871, the carousel has been a favorite for park visitors. While it is typical for the attraction to draw long queues, several balloon, hotdog, and popcorn vendors offer an enjoyable distraction for the kids.

Bask in nature at the Conservatory Garden: The only formal garden in Central Park, the place is littered with beautifully-kept flowers and pruned bushes, and the Untermeyer Fountain, which consists of the bronze sculpture, “Three Dancing Maidens.” The place is quite serene and free of bicycle riders, making it perfect for families to take a peaceful stroll in.

Watch a Marionette Theatre performance at the Swedish Cottage: Imported from Sweden in the late 19th century, the Swedish Cottage is the stage of nostalgic, old-fashioned marionette shows that are based on old fairy tales.

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