Friday, March 26, 2021

How fathers should deal with their teenage children


As Joseph Cianciotto always says, one of the best things that could ever happen in a man’s life is fatherhood. This blog focuses on fatherhood during the teenage years.

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You were once a teenager, and you already had a first-hand experience of the best years of your life. This means that you should understand that your child is going through the same thing. The teenage years are both memorable and tricky.

This is just natural because, during the teenage years, you expose yourself to the tension between extremes that you discover on your way to independence. It’s true that when you’re a teenager, you get your first crack at defining your identity as an individual.

That said, here’s some advice for you as a father to your teenage children.

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1. Be available to your children at all times. You never know when it’s exactly going to be, but your children will surely need your adult wisdom soon enough. Get ready to process some potentially tough questions that they might ask. Also, remember not to make them feel judged in your answers.

2. Relax on the rules a bit. This is one of the toughest challenges that parents may face as they deal with their teenage children. However, as a father, you should be the one to balance things out. Fatherhood is always a balancing act between controlling and letting loose on your child’s freedom.

3. Spend time connecting with your child. Once the teenage years hit, it’s only a couple of years more before they become all grown up. Don’t lose the chance to do memorable things, even if this is something as simple as hanging out. Don’t be too preachy on your advice, but make sure to keep the conversation going.

New York resident Joseph Cianciotto has a degree in Visual Communications from Carnegie Mellon University. Most recently, he has served as an executive creative director at Translation. For similar reads, visit this page.

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