Friday, August 28, 2020

Quarantine diaries: Positive lessons to learn as a family


Children have their parents around 24/7 as industries have been shut down for a few months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents working from home can take this time to teach their children a few lessons about life, especially ones that instill positivity during these uncertain times. 

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The coronavirus has brought stress and anxiety among individuals, and parents are not exempt from this. Resilience is typically challenging to teach to children, but unprecedented times make them just the perfect lesson to impart. Parents can model positivity and hope among their children showing kids that while many factors in life cannot be controlled, people have perfect control over their own emotions.

Adaptability is not always instilled in children. However, these delicate times are teaching families the value of being prepared and having the capacity to approach change with positivity. Finding new ways to go on with life even with unmet expectations is a quality that families will find useful now and in the future. With limitations that are different from life before COVID-19, it can be difficult to be thankful. However, gratitude should start at home, with parents leading with the practice, says Joseph Cianciotto.

Hope teaches families that there is a way forward and that problems can be overcome. No problem can last a lifetime. Without hope for tomorrow, there will not be joy in the present. Parents can encourage their children to make plans for the future and approach it with joy even in this time of uncertainty.

Joseph Cianciotto has more recently served as executive creative director at Translation, where he oversees all things content-related within the agency. At present, he resides in Long Island, New York, with his wife, Jen, and daughters, Hannah and Sophie. For more updates, visit this page.

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