Friday, June 19, 2020

Five tips to acing quarantining with kids

Even when no one is keeping track of one’s parenting achievement during the global pandemic, it still feels good to be doing this the right way. And while parenting will never be a smooth sailing gig, learning a few tips on how to get by matters.
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With kids by your side 24/7, not to forget the sudden homeschooling situation, quarantining with kids can be draining for any parent. Parents and guardians who work from home may find it hard to focus on their job with kids around. Make a routine and stick to it. Kids need structure. It would be helpful for parents to develop a school-like routine for their children, shares Joseph Cianciotto. 

Things can get rough at home, especially when everyone’s present and coping in different ways and timelines. Parents remember to keep calm and carry on. Keeping calm requires a parent to be in tune with how they and their kids feel. To keep the atmosphere positive and loving, use positive affirmations daily. Let your kids know they are loved and cared for. Now more than ever, kids need reassurance from their parents.

As schools are shut down, encourage literacy at home and limit screen time. Your kids’ eyes need to rest from all the screen time both for school and play. Teach them to drop everything and read. Set a time where they will only focus on reading a book and writing their reflection about it. Not only will this give their eyes a break, but also encourage learning and love for literature, reckons Joseph Cianciotto.

Joseph Cianciotto is a digital media native representing an equal mix of creative chaos complemented by a strong business acumen and a loving husband and a dedicated father to his daughters. Head over to this page for similar reads.

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