Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Fun family food tours in New York

New York is a known haven for foodies. It is recommended for everyone who comes by to have a taste of what the city has to offer. There are hundreds of food tours around the city that introduce people to the rich Big Apple cuisine, and also to the city’s culture, history, and architecture. Parents can also bring along their kids in some of the tours, which NYC resident Joseph Cianciotto recommends, as it provides a great opportunity for families to bond.

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Below are examples of food tours suitable for families:

Pizza Tasting Bus Tour: New York-style pizza is famous all over the world and this tour lets participants visit some of the finest pizzerias in different NYC boroughs. The tour takes just half a day, is facilitated by a certified pizza enthusiast, and uses a big yellow school bus for a more authentic experience.

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Long Island City Food Tour: Long Island, where Joseph Cianciotto currently resides, is a vibrant neighborhood with a colorful industrial past and an artistic present. Tourists can bask in these while enjoying the unique cuisine through the Long Island City Food Tour. Some of the many types of culinary treats that participants can enjoy include a burger with a recipe over 100 years old, genuine French patisserie, and Italian artisan dishes with recipes straight from the heart of Naples.

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