Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A few tips when dealing with aggressive kids

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It’s normal for children to become aggressive. Between the ages of two and four, they sometimes show their frustration through aggressive actions such as hitting, kicking, punching, or even biting. This is also a sensitive time in a child’s life. And although they will grow out of it as they mature, parents should be careful when handling them.

Here are a few tips from other parents and child psychologists for handling aggressive kids.

Be patient.

This is probably the most important quality parents should have, and not just at this stage, but all throughout their children’s life. For kids ages two to four, it is a strange thing that children will misbehave and display aggressive behavior and at the same time seek a parent’s approval. While their children throw temper tantrums, parents need to keep their tempers in check. When parents show aggressive behavior, it may have all sorts of negative effects on their children which may manifest later on in life.

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Adjust your tone.

While shouting is not recommended at all, a firm voice will do just fine. It can get a child’s attention and show him who’s the authority figure in the household. When children are first introduced to this tone, they normally are taken by surprise and cry. This is fine. They have to get used to this tone.

Give appropriate punishment.

For this age, the best punishments for inappropriate and aggressive behavior come in the form of time-out corners (having the child sit or stand in an open space without moving) or the revocation of privileges such as toys or afternoon TV time.

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