Monday, July 9, 2018

What’s Keeping 'Game Of Thrones'' Last Season From Coming Out?

The whole world has been waiting with bated breath for the final installment of the acclaimed HBO fantasy saga "Game of Thrones" to unwind. Though HBO has given fans feelers early on that the final season might take some time to finish due to immense production requirements, it’s already the middle of 2018, and the wait has gone on for over a year. 

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What is known so far is that the number of episodes will be shorter, but each one will be significantly longer. The idea of watching six full-length, supersized episodes is awesome news for GoT enthusiasts, but a clearer timetable for the actual release is certainly the more anticipated news. 

As of this writing, HBO and the directors project a still-vague release date of sometime in 2019. To comfort fans for the long wait and show’s imminent end, four spin-off series are in the works which should begin coming out within a year after GoT’s concluding season.

It’s been a while since fans last scoured the majesty and ruins of Westeros with the books’ and show’s larger-than-life characters. But various directorial, set-production, choreography and story-development demands make it clear that fans have to wait a while longer. They only hope that this last season will be as memorable as we all expect it to be, while they continue to muse on which character will next take an arrow in the knee.

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