Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Are Your Children Ready For a Pet?

The temptation to adopt a cute, furry friend is strong among young children. But how does one know that the family is ready for pet ownership, and it won’t lead to major problems for them or neglect or abandonment for the animal? Here are some factors to consider.

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Child’s comfort around animals

Getting a pet won’t cure fear of animals, and a fearful child is more likely to make mistakes around pets. Build up their comfort level before getting a pet by visiting an animal shelter or spending time with friends’ pets.

Child’s sense of responsibility and respect for animals

The ability to take care of current responsibilities can show a child’s readiness in pet care. At the same time, a show of respect for guidance on appropriate pet handling and behavior around them is a good indicator that they are ready for a new friend.

Child’s energy level

Children who love to run around in the yard, play in the park, or help out with chores likely have the need to get all the extra energy out. A pet might be helpful and fun to have!

A trial run in the household

If the children and family do well in dog-sitting over the weekend or having animals around, it could be a good sign that pets may be a good addition to the household.

Image source: Pixabay.com

Rules, rules, rules

Not all families live in houses with a yard; some reside in apartments or condominiums governed by rules on pet ownership. Some buildings do not allow pets at all. Learn the rules first, put it to heart, and make young kids understand what can and cannot be done when it comes to having pets.

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