Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Harvest Festivals In New York Families Can Enjoy

For three months every year, people can get to enjoy harvest festivals that are held only during the fall season. For parents, this is a chance to create lasting memories with their young children. There are dozens of harvest festivals in New York, and some of the best kid-friendly ones are discussed below:

Jefferson Market Garden Children’s Harvest Festival

No other fruit best represents fall than pumpkin. And in this harvest festival, children can get to enjoy decorating pumpkins that could even be larger than them. There are also other seasonal arts and crafts they could take part in during this festival.

Amazing Maize Maze

Every year, the American Maze Company creates a labyrinth at the Queen Country Farm Museum that can stretch over two miles. The themes also change year to year, making it a great annual tradition for adventurous families.


Autumn Moon Cultural Festival and Lantern Parade

Celebrating one of the most important holidays in the Chinese calendar, families can bask in cultural activities, do arts and crafts, enjoy traditional Asian music and dance, taste mooncakes, and so much more. The event is culminated by a lantern parade that is exclusive for children.

Pickle Day

Those who want a change of scenery – from orange to green – can instead celebrate Pickle Day at the Lower East Side. The harvest festival features pickle picking, live music, and other various activities.
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