Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Parental Guidance: How To Monitor The Children's TV Time

Watching television can be beneficial to children, contrary to popular opinion. By tuning in to the TV, children can learn about a wide range of subjects, and explore places, animals, or things that they normally do not see. There are TV shows that can pique their interest and encourage them to engage in new activities.

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They can also be motivated to read books, as plenty movies and TV shows are based on literature.
However, when the time spent by kids in front of the TV is not monitored properly by parents, it can be detrimental to the children’s wellbeing. Excessive TV time has been linked to behavioral problems, such ADD, hyperactivity, aggression, and inclination to violence, and health risks, including obesity.

Parents play an important role in making sure that watching TV is a positive and productive experience for the children, and not harmful.

There should be a schedule set for watching. The TV should be turned off during family meals and study time to avoid distractions during these activities. There must also be a limit on the amount of TV viewing every day and week.

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The parents should also approve programs the children should watch, to make sure that the shows meet the developmental needs of the kids.

It is also recommended that parents watch together with their kids, especially when they are still toddlers, so if a need for discussion arises, the parents can immediately have a discourse with the children.

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